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SKUNKED ,I’ve been in water since first of April and this was first day without a fish. I tried for bass but could not find any water lower than 75 so quickly switched to Fluke but could find NONE. Pissed off and  frustrated I came home to cry in my beer.

 We had a helleva storm last night and as I got to dock it was just leaving the coast and it was a huge storm. Haven’t made up my mind whether to do this again tomorrow

June 29th fishing report

Left dock this morning around 4:30 with storms in the air but it looked like they were going to miss me. Started trolling for bass ,found one small bluefish but now sky looks horrible and the lightening was very crisp cloud to ground and wind picking up so I high tailed it back to dock and waited it out. Worse of the storm missed  us but lightening was something to see.Storm over I went looking for fluke but tide was now over 3 hours out and fluke bite was next to nothing. Did managed to get TWO  ,1-12″ and 1-20″ and quit on the bottom of the tide as air temp was already over 90

June 25th fishing report

Some days it doesn’t pay to get up .This morning I knew I had to pull boat and take to doctor but thought I would look around on last 2 hours of outgoing. Dick and his grandson went looking for bass,I decided given a water temp of 78 decided to look for fluke. 2 hours of outgoing,hit numerous spots and never had a bite. The low RPM problem was also driving me crazy so headed to ramp to pull boat. Got boat out ,Dick stopped by said he had nothing no bass no fluke. Left ramp heading home,Doctor doesn’t have hours on monday but I needed to clean boat up. Halfway home in middle of Sea Isle I blow out a tire on trailer. I decided not to tackle it and called Boat US who I have a ploicy with. Hour later I’m back on the road and get home. Take blown tire to shop to get new tire as it was blown pretty good. Pick up tire and came home ONLY to find the spare that I put on flatter than a pancake. Apparently the  stem leaked after I pump it up. So now I had to change a tire anyway  .

Tomorrow I’ll take boat to doctor but don’t expect a big deal once computer is hooked up and he sees what is going on. Wednesday I’ll be going to ASMFC meeting with Fluke Advisory Council in Baltimore



Beautiful morning but not best conditions for catching fish. Water temp in high 70’s ,not good for bass. Looked for some cooler water but found none. Decided to look for fluke but developed an engine light under 1000 RPM’s so headed back to dock to examine as under 1000 rpms it was running rough . Nothing obvious so decided to try end of my creek and found  3 fluke including one 19″ on first 3 drifts than nothing so called it a morning. I’ll try tomorrow but suspect I will need to pull the boat and get “doctor” to hook up a computer on Tuesday Has to be something simple as once over 1000 goes away and runs fine. So Tues will not be fishing and Wed I have a Fluke advisory council meeting in Baltimore with ASMFC . Will be getting briefed on outlook for fluke in upcoming years and overall look at health of the fluke population

June 22 nd fishing report

Water temp at dock on bottom of tide was 80 so I went looking for cooler water and maybe a bass,lowest temp was 75 but could not find a bass, I really don’t like to catch bass in water this warm as it is too stressful on them. So I switched to fluke, picked up a couple of shorts than go into and landed a 21″ fluke than nothing. Tide 4 hours up so headed into shallow water and picked up 3 more shorts . It is now 8:30 and it is hotter than hell with little wind and lots of bugs so headed hom. Fluke may be beginning to wake up. I will take tomorrow off as there probably be too mant boats on waterways for me to maintain my “sweet” personality. Will probably get at it again Sunday. I’m not using them but from what I heard today frozen shiners were outproducing minnows where legal fluke were concerned,


When I got to dock this morning at 4:45am as usual first thing I check is water temp and was shocked to see a climb to 79 degrees in my creek overnight,it was low tide but yesterday same area temp was 69 . Now I am very discouraged but took off looking for bass,figured I may have a shot first of incoming at least until sun got up. After hitting several spots I did managed to find one hungry bass of 24″ looking for an eel. Now given the sun was up and incoming water temp still in mid-70s I gave up on bass and went looking for Fluke. I have no idea what the hell is going on with Fluke as I hit every spot I ever fished in June and found 1 Fluke of 16″. Air temp now at 9o and it is only 8:30 and Greenhead but was EXCELLENT so said to myself “this is stupid” and headed home.

  Last night ,once again I looked at logs for past 4 years and I average tagging 213 fluke per year in the month of June past 4 years , so far in June 2012 it is 29 .something is going on. Tomorrow I may spend some time closer to inlet. I’m hoping the cold front coming in tomorrow night pushes this warm water off shore. ANYBODY ELSE in Upper Cape May County having trouble finding fluke or am I just getting too old to catch fish ????


Once again I left dock under cover of darkness looking for bass, lousy tide but went looking and found nothing. There were a couple caught but not by me. Sun coming up now and I figure a popper was out of question so began trolling and found a 20″ bluefish. I had a decision to make on top of the  tide,Fluke ? or keep looking for bass and I decided on bass. Switched to a paddletail on my dead rod and kept the bucktail on the rod in my hand. Not a very high tide but I was still able to get close to bank on troll and FINALLY got a 24″ bass on the paddletail than nothing. Decided to call it a morning but made one more stop for fluke and found 2 shorts and another Bluefish.This continues to be the worst JUNE I have had in 55 years of fishing these waters. No idea what the problem is but everyone I talk to were also complaining. I give it another shot tomorrow ,sure as hell can’t catch any fish on dry land



Once again headed out well before sunrise looking for bass,tide only in an hour so it was difficult getting into prime locations but after about 150 cast a 26″ bass exploded on my popper in 2 ft of water and strip line off mt reel but got her to boat ,stuck a tag in her and watch her swim off. Few more cast and another exploded ,however this on swam right to boat and than took a left turn and swam across my prop and that was all she wrote as line was cut by prop. Kept working area but only found a bluefish. Decided to make one pass on fluke and landed a 20″ fluke than decided I needed another bass fix and headed up a creek with no one around and trolled .Half way down the creek I get a hit that almost tore the rod out of my hands. Once I got it close to the boat I saw a decent bass on bucktail and a decent size bluefish on the teaser but I got lucky and got both in the net.Bass was 26″ and Blue was 22″. I have caught 2 bass and 2 blues on this rig BUT never a Bass and a Blue. Gave them a kiss,stuck in tags and let them swim away. Made a few more passes but nothing . Started home and made one stop for fluke but only 4 shorts and I called it a day. Weather is warmer up , weather man is talking 100 on Friday UGH !!


The fish are still winning.Once again left dock before sunrise looking for bass and after 250 plus cast found 1- bass and 3 bluefish . Switched to fluke and it also was slow and I managed to land 4 shorts before calling it a day. Getting to be a little disgusting. Guess I better look for something to change my luck.Ichanged brands of cigars and that didn’t work,even went to minnows which I haven’t used in 5 years .Nothing seems to be working for me at the moment./ BUT tommorrow is another day


 I was in a Fishing Club Tourney for Fluke today and did not look for bass. Zach and his father-in law was on board. I hit  14 known spots for fluke without catching a legal fluke and by 10am only had 2   2 short fluke. Pissed off and disgusted we headed home calling it a day. I went to final weigh-in and ONLY- 2 -legal fish had been entered total.. Not a pretty site. Something is going on in the waters I fish,of course if you read the newspaper the fish are jumping in the box. I will work hard on bass and maybe look for a weakfish the upcoming week. We hit the Princeton Inn where we could watch on big screen Phillies,Yankees and Soccer and  enjoy some adult beverages