It was ugly this morning, got to dock and decided to go back for another cup of coffee. Returned to dock,tide was perfect for what I wanted to do but rain all around. Decided I wouldn’t melt in rain and took off.Plan was to work a little gully in the bay. Only 3-4 ft deep but last year it was hot in May. Got to the spot and it is pouring down rain and wind is howling right off the ocean making it tough to stay in the gully. First drift picked up a 19″er  than 4 of 17″ followed by another of 18″  than 4 more shorts of 16-17″. By now I’m soaked and tide dropping so I had to get out of that spot. But it was a good couple of hours. This is an area that you can only get to on high tide but it is a productive spot and even on weekends there never is any company.  The scented pork rind was still producing along with the green  swimming minnow on 3/8 oz bucktail.

I hope to fish tomorrow and than I will be off the water for 7 days ,expect to be back 5/24 . There are plenty of nice fluke to be caught but you may have to experiment with colors and areas . The fluke seem to be moving around on the tides

BUCKTAIL WILLIE will be putting on a Fluke Seminar  again this year at  WHALE CREEK MARINA  9AM  Sat May 26th.. Seminar will cover in-shore fluke fishing , baits, lures,  rig combinations , colors, what to look for in locations. Whale Marina web site should have details  —–Whale Creek Marina.Com