May 5th fishing report

Opening  day for Summer Flounder (Fluke)  today BUT I left dock in the fog looking for bass and found one willing to take my lure after missing 3 others,I’m using surface plugs and water may be just a little cool  for surface poppers but still managed one. Decided to take short cut across the bay in a dense fog and while had to go slow managed to get to ICW where I saw more boats in one spot than I have ever seen.Somebody must have put out a report,. I moved away from fleet managed to pick up 4 shorts before telling myself this is stupid, So I decided to try mouth of my creek and once there another 6-8 boats but I decided to try it and managed to get a decent  5 1/2lb fluke which IF it doesn’t win the SFEC tournament will  be in the money but  won’t know until tomorrow.   Iwill give it a look on sunday but if fleet is the same it will be a short day as I’m quite sure Monday wil be back to normal

Fluke season is on and I have orders for fish but every morning I will be looking for Bass