When I left the dock the smell of striped bass was in the air BUT there was a lot of activity leaving dock ,besides the normal 3 a shoobie showed up. My plan was to do some scouting in prepreation for the weekend.The bass were arriving and I needed some back up spots .Saw fish in a popular spot but decided to leave them and keep looking for less popular places as weekend back up. Where I saw them there were 4 caught . After checking out several spots I hit my honey hole while no one was around and found a bass that exploded on my surface popper .Damn fish came completely out of the water after the plug .That was the only one I got today but clearly they are moving in. Hit another spot with  a red  finese and found a 20″ weakfish. Switched to fluke and bite was slow but manged to get 5 with one being 24″. While I may have miss opportunity for a few more bass I have a good plan for next 3 days .

May have to tolerate a little wind tomorrow  as a dry front dropped through today. The next few weeks should be good if anything like last year. I also picked up a dozen MALE eels