May 16th fishing report

A beautiful morning it was today BUT fish did not want to cooperate. Went right to where I had then yesterday in the rain and it was Slowww. Picked up 3 shorts but nothing legal. Tried several other spots and managed 1 more short. they would pick bait up but spit it out.they are probably waiting for me to leave. On way home made a stop thinking there might be a weakfish around and low and behold I landed a 19″er. Probably would have put me on top of the board for annual tourney but this sweetheart was full of eggs so stuck a tag in her and let her go,Made a couple more passes but nothing elese so called it a day

 Will be back on the water with reports 5/24 and Fluke SEMINIAR IS Sat 26th  9am   Whale Creek Marina .Fish will probably bite good once I leave so go get them them