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When I left the dock the smell of striped bass was in the air BUT there was a lot of activity leaving dock ,besides the normal 3 a shoobie showed up. My plan was to do some scouting in prepreation for the weekend.The bass were arriving and I needed some back up spots .Saw fish in a popular spot but decided to leave them and keep looking for less popular places as weekend back up. Where I saw them there were 4 caught . After checking out several spots I hit my honey hole while no one was around and found a bass that exploded on my surface popper .Damn fish came completely out of the water after the plug .That was the only one I got today but clearly they are moving in. Hit another spot with  a red  finese and found a 20″ weakfish. Switched to fluke and bite was slow but manged to get 5 with one being 24″. While I may have miss opportunity for a few more bass I have a good plan for next 3 days .

May have to tolerate a little wind tomorrow  as a dry front dropped through today. The next few weeks should be good if anything like last year. I also picked up a dozen MALE eels


The fishing is great the catching sucks ,yesterday could only find 4 short fluke. Today 30th I went right for fluke but it is really slow. I covered a lot of water but could only come up with 5 fluke with one of them legal at 18″

  I suspect things will pick up next better ,better pick up or my disposition may go south


Dead Calm when we left the dock and the GNATS were in control of the air ways. We made some attempts a t bass without success,switched to fluke and gnats were driving us crazy.My cigar didn’t even affect the bas$%^’s  Managed to find a few shorts but decided breakfast was better idea hoping for some wind to drive gnats out. Well wind came up after breakfast and out we went but drifting was either too fast or you were not moving at all.Bad combination . However ,I did managed to find one 23″ just short of 4lb fluke and a couple more shorts before deciding a few VO’s were better so back to the dock we headed and the VO is flowing well at home

 Larger fluke was caught on single green and white bucktail with green  Gulp swimming  minnow



A busy Sat,with Fluke Tourney and giving a/fluke seminar. Left dock with good Friend John Gasper on board at 5:30, fast shot on bass nothing than onto fluke.Fluke bite was slow with only shorts and when tide started in everything stop. Gave the seminar and following that our wives got on board and I went looking for winning fluke. We did managed to land 21 fluke including 4 legal size fish between 18-19 1/2  . Wind coming up around 1:30 and we called it a day BUT I was not optimistic as 19 1/2er was short of 3lbs.In addition there were 4 other boats with excellent fishermen.However at weighn-in at 4pm I came out the winner with a 2lb 9oz Fluke and I was shocked. The fluke were in the areas I pointed out in seminar they would be but I don’t think everyone believed me .So overall it was agood day. Bait  for most part was fresh strips of  shark and green seem to be the consistent color today. 

Tomorrow is another day and John will be on Board



Left dock this morning around 5am in some on and off fog. Picked up one 26″ bass on first stop followed by a 22″ Bluefish but than nothing . Switch to fluke and it was slow but managed to get 8 with one legal fluke of 19″.On way home found some birds working and picked up 6- 18″ Bluefish

Tomorrow Tri-State Tournament,I will break at 9am to give a seminar on Fluke at Whale Creek Marina and than back to Fluke Tourney

My pleasant personality will be put to a test this weekend as the water ways fill up

MAY 24th Fishing Report

Bucktail Willie got back on the water this morning,only had 3 hours sleep as my plane was delayed 5 hours but still headed out at 5am .Looked for bass without any success. Sun is up and no one is fishing .I switched to fluke and probably covered 5  miles without 1 fish or 1 bite. Finally I found a skinny 21″ fluke ,damn thing looked like it hadn’t eaten in weeks. Still nobody fishing and I’m beginning to understand why. I decided to call it a day around 8:30 . Once at dock I was told no one was catching fish this past week so guess I didn’t miss anything. Guess I’m going to have to talk to these fish and tell them I’m back. We shall see what happens tomorrow morning



May 16th fishing report

A beautiful morning it was today BUT fish did not want to cooperate. Went right to where I had then yesterday in the rain and it was Slowww. Picked up 3 shorts but nothing legal. Tried several other spots and managed 1 more short. they would pick bait up but spit it out.they are probably waiting for me to leave. On way home made a stop thinking there might be a weakfish around and low and behold I landed a 19″er. Probably would have put me on top of the board for annual tourney but this sweetheart was full of eggs so stuck a tag in her and let her go,Made a couple more passes but nothing elese so called it a day

 Will be back on the water with reports 5/24 and Fluke SEMINIAR IS Sat 26th  9am   Whale Creek Marina .Fish will probably bite good once I leave so go get them them



It was ugly this morning, got to dock and decided to go back for another cup of coffee. Returned to dock,tide was perfect for what I wanted to do but rain all around. Decided I wouldn’t melt in rain and took off.Plan was to work a little gully in the bay. Only 3-4 ft deep but last year it was hot in May. Got to the spot and it is pouring down rain and wind is howling right off the ocean making it tough to stay in the gully. First drift picked up a 19″er  than 4 of 17″ followed by another of 18″  than 4 more shorts of 16-17″. By now I’m soaked and tide dropping so I had to get out of that spot. But it was a good couple of hours. This is an area that you can only get to on high tide but it is a productive spot and even on weekends there never is any company.  The scented pork rind was still producing along with the green  swimming minnow on 3/8 oz bucktail.

I hope to fish tomorrow and than I will be off the water for 7 days ,expect to be back 5/24 . There are plenty of nice fluke to be caught but you may have to experiment with colors and areas . The fluke seem to be moving around on the tides

BUCKTAIL WILLIE will be putting on a Fluke Seminar  again this year at  WHALE CREEK MARINA  9AM  Sat May 26th.. Seminar will cover in-shore fluke fishing , baits, lures,  rig combinations , colors, what to look for in locations. Whale Marina web site should have details  —–Whale Creek Marina.Com



left dock in a little off and on drizzle but light winds , made a couple of passes for bass but saw nothing caught nothing so headed to fluke grounds , 3 long drifts I had 8 fluke but nothing legal than nothing.Made another move and picked up 2 more shorts. Scented pork rind on a new penny Gulp shrimp was doing the job. first day I didn’t catch any on the chartreuse .You couldn’t ask for a better drift but fish just were not interested.  Worked the tide all the way down and start of incoming .  Looks like some weather moving in



Left dock before daybreak and a beautiful  day break it was .Decided to go right to Fluke grounds before the crowd and maanged to pick up 4 shorts than nothing . The crowd was arriving so left on a scouting mission and managed to find 4 more shorts and 1- 18″er  before calling it a day. Fluke really haven’t spread out much but fluke grounds are getting fished hard but with the wind coming up could be tricky out there

Chratruese swimming minnow and scented pork rind was doing the trick