APRIL 25,2012 Early Season Fluke tips

It is 10 days to the opening of Summer Flounder for 2012. Most anglers haven’t seen an early opening like this in several years and usually Early May Summer Flounder can be frustrating especially if your mindset for catching is mid-summer so here are some things to consider.

 You have to think SLOW, give the fish a chance to get the bait  in it’s mouth before setting hook,if you forget everything else remember SLOW  Minnows…. Best bait early is fresh strips of herring,bluefish,mackeral or shark, Strips should be no more than 1/2″ wide and no longer than  2 1/2″ . IF using herring remember you can only use ocean herrring as river herring has been closed. Keep the container package  or what is left of your fileted ocean herring as proof you are using Ocean herring. I like to work the fresh strips on the lightest bucktail I can use and still touch bottom once in a while .  Minnows will also work but it seems like in colder water of the Early Spring the minnow is too fast for the fluke at times    ….Follow ideas passed on in previous post as to where and how to present baits . Personally I like to use Gulp baits, I will start with the Gulp Shrimp as shrimp is the main food source early, I will also use the 4: swimming Gulp minnow. My rig is a 2 hook rig on a 2  way swivel, Bucktail is tied on with 6-10″ 40 lb florocarbon leader. A plain hook is tied to a 24-26″ 40 lb florocarbon leader and tied to same 2 way swivel.  Fish strips on bucktail and Gulp on the plain hook switching back and forth between the shrimp and swimming minnow. Colors ,I will start with a white bucktail BUT if a sunny day and clear water I will switch to chartreause, On plain hook first choice  of color for shrimp is new penny ,followed by natural, the swimming minnow seems to always produce in chartreause but I’m always prepared to try another color if bite is slow. I have seen them jump all over pink when chartreause wasn’t working. Key here is don’t get stuck on any one thing., be flexible and ready to try different things especially early in season.

Hopefully I will get back out by this weekend and do some scouting before opener to see if any catching patterns change  Stay Tuned