APRIL 16,2012

I managed to avoid Friday 13th but Monday 16th got me ,more on that later.I didn’t fish sunday but headed out a dawn this morning looking for bass. Harry left about same time I did and we went in different directions. I could not find a bass so switched to fluke and found 6 before deciding to go back to bass.Harry came by and he had nothing. Decided to make a little run but here is where Monday 16th got me. Began losing RPM’s and when it dropped to 3000 engine quit. Than could not get engine to turnover. After trying a few times finally got it to go but in gear it would not go over 3500 rpms.So I crawled back to dock.Made some simple checks but nothing obvious. So decided to pull boat and get a doctor’s appointment but doctor had no hours today so will take in first thing in morning. At this point I have no idea what I’m dealing with but at best I’m out of water for 2 days probably more.   Weather was perfect ,very warm and will be warm again tomorrow than back to normal