APRIL 13,2012

Friday 13th , and I was ready for anything . 38 degrees when I got to dock but wind had dropped out a little but fe w  gust of 20.I went right back where I had them yesterday and nothing, no marks,no fish. Took a ride north but still saw nothing so headed back South hitting a spot I had them last Fall. Sure enough the bass were in same spot as last Fall and I managed to pull up 5 between 22-25″ before the tide dropped out. Decided to give fluke a try on start of incoming and found Fluke same spot as yesterday and pulled in 7– 15-20″

Decided to call it a morning and headed home as with the incoming tide came more gusty wind in same direction as tide .Another decent day for 2nd day out and a Friday 13th. Tomorrow looks warmer but suspect there will be wind from opposite direction