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April 30 fishing report

Another cool morning and wind shifted coming out of East which I don’t like,decided to try some different areas for bass BUT without success.The bass don’t seem to be coming inside and are hold up in the surf.This is the usual pattern I have experienced the past few years.Switched to fluke but NE wind made decent drifting difficult on outgoing tide. Fluke were just mouthing the bait that had been producing so I swtiched to pumpkin colored Excite a bite and they jump on it , also changed from new penny Gulp shrimp to natural colored and they hit these. I will never figure fish out when it comes to colors BUT key is to not get into habits of only using one bait. while bite was still slow I did managed to get 12 fluke including 3 between 18-20″ . The bite on bottom of the tide is on the edges of channels ,once I moved into center of channel ,no bites .Once again once tide started in hard the bite was off so I headed home


It was a beautiful morning following a night of rain when I left dock at 43 degrees .Started by looking for bass but no signs and no bass. Surf is loaded with bass but they aren’t coming inside and going up the coast .Switched to fluke on last 2 hours of outgoing tide and found 15 up to 20″ .If season was open I would have limited out with 5 legal  size fish. This morning everything wanted new penny shrimp nothing on the swimming minnow that was hot yesterday ,go figure ?????. Opening Day on 5th should be real good if weather holds but bite seems to be on outgoing as once tide started in the bite was off


It was a cool morning when I left the dock at 38 degrees but warmed up to 53 with a little sun than clouds rolled in and temp dropped to 50 but little wind        . Looked for bass but nothing and no signs ,bass seem to be in the surf at the moment and not coming inside.Switched to fluke and found a steady bite on bottom of the tide . Using a 2 hook rig with Bergley Gulp shrimp and gulp 4 ” minnow. New penny or pumpkin colors  or chartruese produce results with fish up to 25″. Once tide got running hard bite slowed down probably the result of a little water temp drop. Clearly my waters are full of fluke which should make for a good opening day. Berkley Gulp is working best ,I tried fresh fish strips but crabs tore them up



It wasn’t the prettist mornings but I had to get a line wet. Left dock in a drizzle looking for bass on dead low tide but nothing so switched to Fluke. Fluke were cooperating and I managed to get 14 with 4 going over the 17 1/2″  size limit up to 21″   Wind coming up against tide making for a difficult drift so switched back to bass but still didn’t find any so headed home calling  it a morning.

 Outlook for next few days not very promising weather wise and tommorrow looks real windy but maybe I can get a couple of hours in early before the wind,

Fluke opening day May 5th so everythhing went back in water with a yellow tag

APRIL 25,2012 Early Season Fluke tips

It is 10 days to the opening of Summer Flounder for 2012. Most anglers haven’t seen an early opening like this in several years and usually Early May Summer Flounder can be frustrating especially if your mindset for catching is mid-summer so here are some things to consider.

 You have to think SLOW, give the fish a chance to get the bait  in it’s mouth before setting hook,if you forget everything else remember SLOW  Minnows…. Best bait early is fresh strips of herring,bluefish,mackeral or shark, Strips should be no more than 1/2″ wide and no longer than  2 1/2″ . IF using herring remember you can only use ocean herrring as river herring has been closed. Keep the container package  or what is left of your fileted ocean herring as proof you are using Ocean herring. I like to work the fresh strips on the lightest bucktail I can use and still touch bottom once in a while .  Minnows will also work but it seems like in colder water of the Early Spring the minnow is too fast for the fluke at times    ….Follow ideas passed on in previous post as to where and how to present baits . Personally I like to use Gulp baits, I will start with the Gulp Shrimp as shrimp is the main food source early, I will also use the 4: swimming Gulp minnow. My rig is a 2 hook rig on a 2  way swivel, Bucktail is tied on with 6-10″ 40 lb florocarbon leader. A plain hook is tied to a 24-26″ 40 lb florocarbon leader and tied to same 2 way swivel.  Fish strips on bucktail and Gulp on the plain hook switching back and forth between the shrimp and swimming minnow. Colors ,I will start with a white bucktail BUT if a sunny day and clear water I will switch to chartreause, On plain hook first choice  of color for shrimp is new penny ,followed by natural, the swimming minnow seems to always produce in chartreause but I’m always prepared to try another color if bite is slow. I have seen them jump all over pink when chartreause wasn’t working. Key here is don’t get stuck on any one thing., be flexible and ready to try different things especially early in season.

Hopefully I will get back out by this weekend and do some scouting before opener to see if any catching patterns change  Stay Tuned




Summer Flounder season will open in New Jersey on May 5th. Summer flounder have been arriving and potential of getting some keeper size fish this year is very good . As you begin to think about opening day here are some hints that will produce early season fish

The fish are on the move looking for food so on outgoing tides work the edges of channels,fluke will lay on edges looking for food being pushed by the tide over the flats into deeper water,work a bait slow and allow fluke to get food in it’s mouth before setting hook.   . Incoming tides will find the fluke in deeper water and more towards center of channels at least until tide gets close to full  when they will move into shallower water generally. While they are agressive and looking for food they will search out warmest water 

 Tomorrow I will provide some bait information    

April 18,2012

I’m out of water for about a week due to a broken piston so the fish will win this week, 4000 hours on engine and was hoping to get at least one more year so decision must be made

 whoever ask the question on wax,I use Collinite  925 wax  and  apply a Collinite cleaber first and than wax,I have found Collinite to be best in Salt Air

APRIL 16,2012

I managed to avoid Friday 13th but Monday 16th got me ,more on that later.I didn’t fish sunday but headed out a dawn this morning looking for bass. Harry left about same time I did and we went in different directions. I could not find a bass so switched to fluke and found 6 before deciding to go back to bass.Harry came by and he had nothing. Decided to make a little run but here is where Monday 16th got me. Began losing RPM’s and when it dropped to 3000 engine quit. Than could not get engine to turnover. After trying a few times finally got it to go but in gear it would not go over 3500 rpms.So I crawled back to dock.Made some simple checks but nothing obvious. So decided to pull boat and get a doctor’s appointment but doctor had no hours today so will take in first thing in morning. At this point I have no idea what I’m dealing with but at best I’m out of water for 2 days probably more.   Weather was perfect ,very warm and will be warm again tomorrow than back to normal


iT was 10 degrees warmer this morning at 48 degrees but forecast was for wind from SW .Little wind when I pulled out and headed to where I left them yesterday and found a steady pick of striped bass,mostly small 17-20″ but did get one just before quiting of 26″ . Gave Fluke a  short try but wind now coming up making a decent drift tough but found 4 up to 20″ along with 1-Bluefish.First Bluefish of the yesr managed to take a bite out of my thumb and I bled like a stuffed pig. Managed to get bleeding stopped and went back to fishing but wind now had me thinking of calling it a day and I did

APRIL 13,2012

Friday 13th , and I was ready for anything . 38 degrees when I got to dock but wind had dropped out a little but fe w  gust of 20.I went right back where I had them yesterday and nothing, no marks,no fish. Took a ride north but still saw nothing so headed back South hitting a spot I had them last Fall. Sure enough the bass were in same spot as last Fall and I managed to pull up 5 between 22-25″ before the tide dropped out. Decided to give fluke a try on start of incoming and found Fluke same spot as yesterday and pulled in 7– 15-20″

Decided to call it a morning and headed home as with the incoming tide came more gusty wind in same direction as tide .Another decent day for 2nd day out and a Friday 13th. Tomorrow looks warmer but suspect there will be wind from opposite direction