I have been asked several times “what do I need to make bucktail jigs?”  So below you will see a list of  what is needed to get started

#1- Fly Tying Vise  ,Sharp razor knife, thread bobbin to hold thread while tieing ,Size D or E rod wrapping thread. Vise allows you to hold the jig steady while you wrap tight. Knife is used to cut bucktail hair and excess off jig, Bobbin allows you to hold the thread tight

#2- Lead melting pot (you can buy blank jigs if you don’t want to melt lead),Lead, Junk lead can be melted or you can buy lead in  1 lb  blocks. I reccomend melting lead in a well ventilated area

#3 Paint,I use Dry paint , toaster oven, oven is used to melt the dry paint and bake the paint. You can use a good vinyl paint and brush it on but I’ve found the baked dry paint to be most durable. There also are some suppliers that will sell painted blanks and this may be a good option if you are only looking at making a few jigs

#4- Deer hair, Hair you use is important as deer hair is hollow and breathes when you jig the lure ,also doesn’t soak up water.If you know a deer hunter you can ask for tails but generally when they give you a tail it isn’t de-boned and this can get messy. Also coloring the hair other than white can be tricky. If using fresh deer tails I strongly reccomend  drying with kosher salt  than soaking them in water with Borax  or some other strong washing soap and air drying before using.

Most things mentioned ,other than toaster oven, can be found at any of the on line fishing tackle suppliers like BARLOWS, JANN’S NETCRAFT,   LURE PARTS,                                    TERMINAL TACKLE  ,CABELAS ,  BASS PRO   You can goggle and get address. You can investigate local shops but generally cost is higher unless you are just making a few. I would also suggest if ordering from internet that you put together a complete list of what you need and order once to save on shipping

Once you have invested initally you can save a considerable amount of money by making you own bucktail jigs in whatever design ,color you find catches fish for you.

In another post I will try to describe the tying process