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I usually depend on Farmers Almanac for  long range weather forecast  and it has been fairly accurate BUT this year it went to hell with it’s forecast of a colder and snowy winter. We have had the 2nd warmest winter in history and no snow here. The Ground Hog also got screwed up with his 6 more weeks of winter forecast. I just hope we don’t pay for this as we get further into Spring because I ready for some serious fishing

 Hit 70 here yesterday ,7o today and 75 balance of the week



It was a beautiful  Spring morning and I headed back to Tuckahoe River looking for more bass. Well ,bass were not there this morning ,perch andcatfish were but no bass. Couple of the ctafish were pretty good size ,one bottom out on a 5 lb scale. I’m going to try one more time tomorrow. Came home and work on the boat a little,air temp hit 74 here today but little cool down coming with highs only in 60’s tomorrow

Making Bucktail jigs

I forgot to mention in first post IF you are going to make own jigs you will need a mold  DO-IT Molds have every possible mold you would need

 Tying your own jigs

#1– you need to paint the blank jig head,I use dry paint. I heat jig in toaster to 350 degrees and than dip jig in paint and put back in oven until paint is melted,than I repeat with 2nd coat I lower temp to 275 degree and bake 10 minutes ,this gives you a hard finish. There are good vinyl paints than you can also use.In casr of vinyl I would first go with a base undercoat than once drY add  the finish paint

#2 stick the blank jig in a fly tying vise                                                                             #3  using a size D or E Thread wrap one layer on the tail of jig                                #4  now cut a small amount of hair off bucktail and wrap on the jig ,do this in layers until the hook is covered wrapping as tight as possible. The trick for best success is wrapping the hair in layers as this allows the hair to breath in water which imatakes a shrimp or injured bait fish                                                  #5  You will probably have excess hair around the body of the jig, you can trim this back to thread OR what I like to do better is to fold the hair forward and make another tight wrap.This gives you a little tighter wrap and holds hair a little better                                                                                                                           #6 Once hair is trimmed or doubled back you are ready for the thread coat,several options here but I go with a water based one coat type and I coat thread heavy allowing it to sink into thread. If you add eyes to jig do so before coating thread and than also coat thr eyes. I will put jig back in oven at 125 degrees to dry the coating. There are also some very good 2 part epoxy that works but is time comsuming and can get messy. You only need to keep them in oven 10 minutes if using the one part coating.When in the oven watch for any running and clear it if you see it

 You should now have a beautiful fish catching jig.Everything you need can be found in the stores mentioned on line,Janns Netcraft,Barlows. Terminal Tackle ,Lure Parts,Cabelas,BassPro just to name a few on internet

  Using the toaster overn I can produce 13-15 a hour and after your initial investment you can make jigs a helleva lot cheaper that those made and sold by Chinese  NOW GO FISHING






I left house this morning with rain coming down hard and headed for Egg Harbor river looking for a Striper from banks. Rain down to an off and on drizzle and I tried drowning a couple of Bloodworms but never had a bite . Decided to head to Tuckahoe River  where I managed to get 3 small Striped bass  (16-18″) along with 5 catfish
Ran out of bloodworms and headed home.Sun coming out and temperature rising. Got a call on way home boat was ready to pick up so I made a U- turn and picked up boat. NOW I will have to go to work . Engine got a clean bill of health. I need to get 2 more coats of wax on and electronics installed . Last thing will be setting everything up for catching fish.Target to launch is first week in April

Sun came out and temp hit 70 and balance of week looks warm, think I will try it again tommorrow morning as  the blood is flowing



I have been asked several times “what do I need to make bucktail jigs?”  So below you will see a list of  what is needed to get started

#1- Fly Tying Vise  ,Sharp razor knife, thread bobbin to hold thread while tieing ,Size D or E rod wrapping thread. Vise allows you to hold the jig steady while you wrap tight. Knife is used to cut bucktail hair and excess off jig, Bobbin allows you to hold the thread tight

#2- Lead melting pot (you can buy blank jigs if you don’t want to melt lead),Lead, Junk lead can be melted or you can buy lead in  1 lb  blocks. I reccomend melting lead in a well ventilated area

#3 Paint,I use Dry paint , toaster oven, oven is used to melt the dry paint and bake the paint. You can use a good vinyl paint and brush it on but I’ve found the baked dry paint to be most durable. There also are some suppliers that will sell painted blanks and this may be a good option if you are only looking at making a few jigs

#4- Deer hair, Hair you use is important as deer hair is hollow and breathes when you jig the lure ,also doesn’t soak up water.If you know a deer hunter you can ask for tails but generally when they give you a tail it isn’t de-boned and this can get messy. Also coloring the hair other than white can be tricky. If using fresh deer tails I strongly reccomend  drying with kosher salt  than soaking them in water with Borax  or some other strong washing soap and air drying before using. [Read more…]

NJ 2012 Summer Flounder Season

Regulations for the 2012 Summer Flounder (Fluke) were approved last night 3/1/2012 by NJ Marine Fish Council

There will be a 5 fish bag limit at 17 1/2″ and a season running from May5-Sept 28

I will begin offering some tips for catching Summer flounder in upcoming days ,stayed tuned