Stripers Forever members – The Stripers Forever 2011 Anglers Survey is complete.  We had excellent participation again with more than 1,000 surveys completed from up and down the coast.  This LINK will take you to a page on our website that has all the results of the survey, including a Word document with our commentary on the answers we received, an Excel spreadsheet that gives a summary of the responses to the survey questions on a state by state basis, and on Tab 2 gives all the angler comments that we received.  There are some very interesting statements included.  A third attachment graphs out the responses to several key questions about the fishery.  
Stripers Forever has done a press release on this information and will be sending it to all of the ASMFC decision makers.  We thank everyone for their willingness to participate and help document the anglers perception of the changes in the striped bass fishery.