I will  cover in this report interesting catches up to 2005 of my tagged Striped bass returns . 2001 I retired and returned to Cape May county which allowed me to increase my days per year fishing as well as increase the yearly number tagged.Generally speaking the bulk of my tagging was in upper Cape May County between Townsends inlet and north of Corsons inlet to Ocean Airport.As noted in previous report I was begining to see a shift as to where the bass went after tagging and it continued as you will see

2001- 2004 resulted in no fish being recaught firther north than Mass. but we also saw an increase of fish returning to local waters or being caught in Del River ,Egg Harbor Ri.One interesting catch was a 15″ bass tagged behind Strathmere in 95  recaught  in aug 2003  aMonmouth Beach,NJ at 28″ ,another bass out 67 months . I was also beginning to see more tags returned from south of where they were originally caught in DE ,MD. The pattern in this time frame covered Mass to Md . One bass tagged at 14″ in ICW behind Ocean City  in 6/ 1998 was recaught  9/03 in approxmately same area of ICW and out for 62 months and 27″, Numerous fish were being recaught in same general area after being out for 1-2 years .This was a new pattern. 2nd bass tagged in 8/99 behind Strathmere at 19″ was re-caught in Townsend inlet 6/04 at 23″  58 months out.  A bass tagged 7/98 at 16″ in Strathemere was recaught  10/04 in Avalon at 28″  and  out 75 months It is interesting to note that this angler (RyanPetrick) had also caught a previous mentioned bass that was out for 58 months

2005 saw a return of some catches north of Mass.  One tagged behind Ocean City at 28″ in 10/03 was recaught in Portsmouth NH at 30″ in 7/05. Another tagged 5/05 at 21″ was recaught 2 months later in 7/05 in Wells .ME at 21″.Another was recaught in Maine from a tagged bass in 10/04 at 18″ and recaught in Portland ,ME in 7/05 at 19″. It now seemks like the normalpattern has returned as in addition to returns from north I’m seeing returns from South. 22″ bass tagged behind Strathmere at 24″ 10/02  recaught 1/05 Nags Head ,NC at 28″

I will stop here for now and pick up 2006 -2011 at a later date which probably will be after Jan 13th .

Anyone interested in a complete breakdown of all 371 re-caught Striped bass tags can e-mail me at bucktail8@aol.com and I can forward a file back