Over the next several weeks I will be providing some information on interesting re-captures of my tagged fish. Currently  I have 16,902 fished tagged in 35 species and first species covered will be Striped Bass .I have 5600 striped bass tagged and 371 returned.(6.6%) I have been tagging since 1991 with first 10 years while living in Indiana. While in Indiana I managed to find a way to return to Cape May County for the Spring and Fall run of Striped bass. And some years found them in mid-summer

Nov 1991 resulted in 3 -34″ bass caught in Cape May Rips being recovered in MA the following summer and another at Montauk NY clear indication at that time the bass were part of the Cheaspeake Bay spawning mass.

1992  tagged bass were recovered following summer once again in Ma and NY

1993  a slight change in patterns was noticed , while there still were 4 re-caught in MA and 1 in NY .A couple showed up in Tuckahoe river in 1994 and Somers point same year.Also one showed up in NH the following summer which was the furthers north re-caught to date  . 2 bass one caught in Nov93 and one caught Nov94 were re-captured by same angler consecutively in the Boston Harbor in 1995

1994-1996 there was a mixture of re-capture locations ranging from NY all the way to Maine but also we had 3 re-captured in the Delaware river up as far as Tacony Palmyra Bridge. Now with 5 years of tagging I had returns from every State from NC to Maine but was beginning to see more re-captured fish from local South Jersey rivers in addition to Delaware

1997-2000 resulted in a fairly even split from all States on East Coast BUT  an increase in those re-caught in NJ including  1 tagged behind Corsons Inlet at 13″ in 1994 being re-caught in Mas Landing at 27″ in 2000 ,bass was out 67 months .Another tagged behind Corsons in 1994   at 12″ was re-caught by Bucktail Willie  himself in 2001 at 27″ once again out 67 months .Clearly I am seeing a pattern change and strong evidence that good spawns are taking place in Delaware and local NJ rivers with healthy fish being re-caught. One added special find was by a Marine Biologist for ASMFC ,he found a tagged bass in a fish market in Maryland ,by using the  coded wire tag required by gill netters he tracked down the Gill netter and than tracked down my tag to American Littoral society

OK ,I’m stopping at this point and will pick up at a later date 2001-2011 following more research. Clearly I am witnessing a couple changing patterns but best of all seeing a growing population of locally spawned bass and given the reports coming out of Cheasapeake on disease and polution this is a welcome sign

FEEL FREE to comment or ask specific questions if you have any