Several years ago I was asked if I would be interested in tagging black sea bass and I decided to do it. I would usually stop on my way home after a morning fishing and tag 5-10 each day beginning in August when they moved inside. First couple of years only returns I was getting came from same area origianlly tagged.However after a couple of years some interesting returns showed up

9/3 strathmere 8″   re-caught  1/04  by a NJ Fish and Game Survey trawler  16 miles off NJ     9/04    3–9″ sea bass tagged in Ludlam Bay   re-caught by trawler Travis and Natlie 11/04, 10/04   10″  15 miles off Ocean City NJ and  3/15  re-caught by same trwaler 27 miles off Ocean City NJ      10/04  8″  Strathmere  —re-caught  10″   6/06 in Deep Water canyon off Nantucket Sound mixed in with codfish      10/05  Ludlam Bay 8″   re-caught  8/06  3 miles off Cape Pogue,Ma   9″        8/05 Strathemere  7″    re-caught 8/06  Montauk Lt ,NJ 9″    11/05  9″Strathmere   re-caught  4/07  30 miles off NY by F/V Emily Brooke  14″     9/07  Strathmere 8″   recaught 9/08 Rockaway Beach NY  Headboat BULLET  9″    8/06  Strathmere 8″  re-caught  5/09  Martha’s  Vineyard Party Boat 18″  ,reported by MA DMF officer   and finally 9/06 Strathmere 8″   re-caught  6/11 Woodcliff Canal,Freeport,NY  12″   
As you can see some of these little 8-9″ Black  Sea Bass put some miles on in their travels. Overall most are recaught in NJ close to original tagging and within 2 months

Total  tagged  1294    total tag recovered     51    3.94%  by State NJ-41, NY-4   Mass–5  RI-1