Jan 14,2012 striped bass recoveries

This will be the final recap of my Striped bass recoveries and begins with 2006.

Bass tagged in Ludlam Bay 11/06 20″  re-caught 05/07 in Nantucket,Ma 21″, another tagged 10/05 25″  re-caught 6/07  Wellfleet,Ma  27″, 23″er tagged  ICW Strathmere at 24″ in 4/07 recaught 7/07 in Newburyport,MA, bass tagged 4/07  Ludlam Bay 23″  recaught Provincetown,Ma 8/07 24″, 35″er tagged  in Strathmere 11/05  re-caught  10/08 Montauk,NY  42″, 10/06 14″ bass tagged and re-caught  5/09 Hudson Ri Selkirk,NY 20“, 11/06  ICW Strathmere 29” re-caught Waterford Ct  32″  9/09, 8/09  26″bass tagged Ludlam Bay  and  Found in an oriental fish Market  Washington Canyon,Va.  11/07, 20″er Ludlam Bay re-caught Cherry Is Flats ,26″ bt Del Fish and Game,  5/05 Strathmere 20″  re-caught  05/10   31″ The Race ,Long Is ,NY,  10/08  27″ Strathmere, 10/10 re-caught  Morichies Inlet .NY   32″, 10/08 Strathmere  22″  recaught  Oregon Inlet ,NC   1/11  35”    10/08 Strathmere  24″  re-caught Fire island ,NY 31” and finally a bass tagged 9/02 Strathmere at 15″ recaught the same spot  10/09 at 25″  out for 85 months

Breakdown by State of re-caught tags   NJ-225,  MA-43,         NY-40,    DE-11,    MD-16,    RI-6    CT 7,    VI-6, NH-3,ME-7,    NC-6,    PA-3  total 373.    As you can see from this Striped bass do a lot of travelling but there appears to be a small pattern change as the northern migration past 3-4 years has seem to stop at Mass.  NJ is clearly benefitting from good spawns in Delaware, Egg Harbor Rivers.  The data from American Littoral Society Tagging goes to Woods Hole Scientific Labs and hopefully the scientist will be able to prevent  the complete shutdown of Striped Bass fishery that we had in early 8o’s as a result of better data

If interested in complete breakdown of all 373  just let me know and I can e-mail file