DEC 9,2011 if you fish you may find this interesting

Recrecrational Fisherman are dealing with unrealistic regulations that have been put in place with flawed data.NOW we have WALMART Corp, donating $36 mil to organizations set on shutting down all fishing .  Walmart gave the money to 2  large organizations currently influencing the people at NOAA. Ocean Conservancy and Environmental Defense Fund both have come out publicly for tighter restrictions using the flawed data, want Marine sanctuaries with no data to support  and filling the ocean with No Fishing Zones.Unless we as recreational fisherman can turn this around our kids and grand kids will not enjoy the fishing we have.Once they get control of the saltwater fishing they will head to our freshwater. Walmart has donated NOTHING to organizations dedicated towards improving the data. As recreational fishermen ,none us want to wipe out a species and respect regulations that come about with good data and not the flawed data currently being used and supported by Environmental activist. Congress 4 years ago demanded that NOAA get better data and as of today they continue to use the same flawed data.These environmental organizations use the term OVERFISHING to gain backers. OVERFISHING is the term used by NOAA when there is an indication the catch will be higher than the flawed data allows and has NOTHING to do with actually overfishing of a species . IF and WHEN Walmart donates to those organizations dedicated mto improving the data than “maybe” I’ll shop there but so far no evidence of that.

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  I don’t and have never shopped WalMart for several reasons but if you do and you fish you may want to think twice when you see your dollars going to these Activist environmental organizations trying to shut down all fishing .

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