Dec 7,2011 Last thing to do in 2011

One final thing to do before putting all your fishing gear away for the winter to assure you will be ready in the Spring

Knives,Pliers, Hook Degorgers etc need to be clean before putting away. Take each item and rinse in the 50/50 solution of Salt Away and fresh water. Now take some steel wool and remove any signs of rust ,tougher area may require wire brush but get it all off. Make sure you get into the tough areas. Now wipe clean,apply a little water proof grease to the mating areas than spray the entire item with WD40. Knives ,once all rust and any other odd stains are removed take the time to sharpen the blade,than coat the blade with a thin coat of oil and out away

  There is one other itme in my tackle box that will need some attention and you may have one also. It is one of those 2 blade knife sharpers which I use each time before cleaning a fish. This gathers a lot of junk plus rust. I will take the thing apart releasing the 2 blades and thoroughly cleaning  the 2 blades and the holding area they sit in. Put back together and put away

 IF you followed all the previous instructions you will  be able to head right out once you hear the Fish are biting in the Spring and your gear will be ready for the big one    GOOD LUCK  leave some for breeders