Dec 6,2011 repairing bucktail jigs

Today we will take the old bucktail jigs in your tackle box and put some new life into them. First thing ,using the 50/50 mix of Salt away dip the jigs in anD swish around a little ,pull out and let dry,better yet use a hair dryer to dry the hair as it will do a much better job with no mating of hair. Next inspect the hook and remove any rust. Now look at the hair,if hair is intact than nothing is needed here .If some hair is missing or chewed off you need to add some hair. Buy a deet tail in the color you want and wrap new hair on the jig. DO NOT bunch up ,apply added hair in small batches .This allows the hair to breath when you work it through the water. The breathing of the hair is more critical than color.If too much hair is gone remove old hair and start from scratch adding hair in layers  .Once hair is added coat the wrapping with a clear nail polish or a clear flex coat. (more at end where you can get supplies). Now look at jig and the paint,if paint is chipped you need to fill in the gap. A chip in the paint regardless of size will cause bubbles in the water when retreiving and you don’t want that. Using a good  fast drying vinyl paint and a small paint brush fill in the chip ,several coat may be needed to smooth out the area. If jig has lost too much paint ,remove all the paint and repaint keeping in mind you want the jig  surface smooth. Last thing is to sharpen the hook and put jig away for Spring

  All the needed supplies can usually be found at local tackle shops or on internet like  Jann’s Tackle, Cabelas, Shark River , Barlows tackle ,to name just 4. I generally stick with Barlows and Janns for all my needs

  Assuming you have finished the Rods,Reels,Lures and Bucktail jigs you are ready for the Spring bite with no problems   GOOD LUCK IN  2012