Now that you have your reels and rods cleaned up and ready or Spring you need to work on tackle box and lures. We will do this in 2 steps. First we will work on tackle box and lures and on another day work on cleaning up bucktail jigs. The increasing cost of fishing tackle makes taking care of your lures a significant cost saving opportunity with just a little effort before putting away for the year

 First step is to fill a pan or bucket with 50% Salt Away an 50% fresh warter. Now take you tackle box or bag and empty it on a table . Scrub the box or bag down throughly with the 50/50 mix and than rinse with fresh water and let dry. Make sure you get into corners as salt builds up in those areas and if you put freshly cleaned lures back in salt will still attack them

 Now take your lures and put them in the 50/50 container to saok ,take out one at a time and inspect the hooks,more than lightly there is rust build up. Using a wire brush or better yet a Dremel powered brush clean the rust off the hooks . If too rusty you may want to order replacements making sure you order exact same size as replacement . Now take the lure and with a rags soaked in the 50/50 wipe down the lure and pay attention to the o-rings making sure there is no salt build up. Finally wash the lure with fresh water and let dry. Once dry go back and examine for paint wear or surface damage. I don’t like to do a lot with repairing as damage on lure indicates a good lure with good action . Sometimes I will add a very light coat of clear lacquer.  The last action I do is apply a light coat of WD40 to the hooks,this acts as a rust preventor and actually acts as  a fish attractive when first used in Spring  Once dry the lure is ready to go back in tackle box and readly for the Spring Run. Repeat this on each lure and you will be amazed at how many years you can get out of a lure.

 Next chapter will deal will bucktail jigs on another day