DEC 26,2011 – Fluke Fisherman Read

IT is not too early to begin thinking about Fluke.  Big Fluke will arrive early April ,first full moon usually . Of course Fluke will not be legal as season will not be open BUT big Fluke will be here. Last year bigger fluke arrived later but 8 of last 9 years I’ve found 5lb and larger fluke all through April. Best year was 2009 when I caught ,tagged and released 4 fluke at 10 plus pounds. One of the 4 was re captured early July on it’s way out of barrier islands.  Why think this early ,#1 reason is to stock up on some bunker before it is too late and salt it down. Bunker and mackeral strips on bucktails worked very slow do the trick.  Sunny days with outgoing tide fishing the channel edges will get you some big fluke Forget Gulp and things like it that you will use later in year as these fish want something they can taste.

DON”T jerk rod on first bite allow the fluke to get bait in it’s mouth as early in year they won’t be attacking but mouthing the bait.  Once water temps get over 59 you can start using gulp and the like BUT early April it is bait strips that work.  The fluke that arrive early are the ones who left barrier islands early summer for their trip off shore to do their thing to produce more Fluke .They arrive hungry and are here to fatten up before a return trip to the spawning grounds WELL off shore.  Handle the caught fluke with extreme care ,gently put them back in the water and they will survive. USE bucktails with large hooks to prevent swallowed hooks.  Another positive about April is very little boat traffic SO, make sure over the winter your gear is ready to go on first sunny days of April.