DEC 19,2011 FINAL RECAP OF 2011

2011 recap Aug -Nov—–August cane in warm with  little wind ,Fluke bite was consistent but small, ( 14.09″ av)  A few legal size fish but ratio was high at 21-1 There was a Bass bite early morning,hour before sunrise,fish were not big avaeraging 23″ BUT they were angry and aggressively smacked surface poppers,once sun broke horizon Bass bite was done.A few Bluefish but nothing exciting IRENE showed up end of the month and screwed everything up. Forced evacuation had me leaving home for 3 days.Once home really no evidence of a Hurricane ,just some strong wind. HOWEVER she really screwed up the ocean and ocean water remained dirty for over 3 weeks well into Sept.

Sept, I was requested few years ago to tag Black Sea Bass and  I usually tag 100-125 a year. Wasn’t too exciting first couple of years because nothing was coming back away from original area but than some interesting catches showed up which I will bring up when I get into “interesting recaptures” in early 2012  .  Fluke bite came back once water started clearing up around 17th and size improved a little ( 14.82″av) and it was clear the fluke were leaving for the ocean early this year unlike years past where there was a steady bite into Nov. My theory is they left early because IRENE screwed up ther bait pattern. Some  bass also began showing up late in the month but instead of hitting poppers they were hitting trolled bucktails. Here again I think that was due to lack of swimming bait as fish were spitting up crabs and shrimp.End of Sept I spent a week in SC and got one day fishing out of Calabash,NC where we caught Bonita and Spanish Mackeral,plan was to find King Mackeral but they didn’t show until following week when I was back here. All bonita and Spanish Macks swimming around with yellow tag now.

OCT– the bass are here and there was a bite every morning I could get out BUT you had to search for them as they were not showing up in normal places on regular basis which meant $4 a gal gas was being use at high rate but bass were found every day ,average size up a little to 21″ and 5 over legal limit of 28″     A  Few Bluefish would show up in the bass bite and there was a couple of days of Fluke near the inlet.Overall Oct was a pretty good month.

NOV– Early Nov weather was perfect ,mild,light winds and bass were hungry BUT like Oct they were being found in non-trational areas . Like the past several years the av size dropped in Nov with an average of little over 19″ for month.  It looked like Nov was going to be a great month until Nov 11th when I ran into engine problems. Bottom line I broke down and had to be pulled in. Lower unit which was installed in Spring with 3 year warranty locked up due to a cracked seal allowing water in. Manufacturer covering warranty would not allow replacement until unit was sent back. They return a complete new unit with another 3 year warranty but I lost 3 weeks.It is now  Dec 4th so I decided to winterize and put her away. I have managed to pick up 3 more bass working a sod bank on high tide but the Dredge showed up in inlet and water has become dirty so I have put everything away

As I look back over past 10 years I would rank 2011 as dead last in numbers,size and consistently. I suspect the colder than normal water in Spring and IRENE in the Fall had something to do with it BUT A BAD DAY FISHING ISN’T ALL THAT BAD  IN THE OVERALL. so,I will be anxiously waiting for April to launch again and begin the hunt.                                          Early Jan 2012 I will be reporting on some of my interesting re-caught tags which you may find interesting