DEC 17,2011 interesting Bluefish return

I was notified today of an interesting Bluefish returned tag. I tagged this bluefish on 9/22/11 in Ludlam Bay and it was re-caught in surf off Mrytle Beach,SC¬† on 11/15/11 .Bluefish¬† was only 14″ .This is the furtheast south I have had a return on a Bluefish. Several off NC but none from SC but not sure it screws up the theory that there are 2 separate stocks of Bluefish,one that travels Maine to NC and another that travels SC to Florida and around the keys. Mrytle Beach is probably to close to NC border to affect the theory. It does add another State to my return list of Bluefish now covering MA-SC and all states in-between