DEC 15,2011 YEAR RECAP FOR 2011

I will do this recap in 2 sections #1- will cover April through July, #2 to follow at a later date Aug-Nov

 I launched on April 15th but weather kept me from fishing until 4/18 .First trip I found fluke BUT not the size I normally see in April , Fluke ranged from 15-19 1/2 and month ended with a 15.7 ”  little over 1.5″ lower  than previous 3 Aprils.. Few bluefish in 15-19″ but no bass

MAY Fluke season opened early this year but once again early May the fish were undersize .Plenty avalable with daily catches between 8-12 . season opened and size got better with fluke up to 24″ but still majority were under 18″. A total of 145 fluke were caught with total of 24 legal size fluke.  Monthly average was still low at  15.23″    or 1.95″ smaller than past 3 year average                                                                                         Few bass started showing up late in the month with first one caught on 5/21 .this was after trying everyday in May.Bass size was decent 25-30″

June ,Fluke in June were numerous but still lacked decent size ,I got 117 in June but did manage to get 8  legal up to 23″ ,Av for the month was again down from previous 3 years at  14.60″     BASS fishing really improved and the bite was steady the entire month.Total of 47 bass were caught  up to 35″ with an monthly average of 22.17″.Bass were found in some new places and usually was an early morning bite with no regard to tide .Actually I caught bass in an area on low tide that I never caught bass before on  low tide and this area kept producing all month and we maanged to keep it quiet with only 2 of us fishing the area .Few Bluefish showed up early in the month but not in normal numbers .June was a good month overall and I probably missed out on some decent fluke due to the Bass bite. Catching bass on poppers will keep me from fluke fishing every time

July– Bass bite continued into July but size was down but still managed to find a few  over the legal limit of  28″ up to 30″ . Bite was somwhat of a hit and miss ,some days they were there and others even after 400 cast  no fish .But catching bass in July in this area is still a good thing.       When bass bite slowed I would switch to fluke and they were plentiful the entire month but still undersize ,89 fluke were caught with av size of 14.71″ and a total of 7 legal fluke up to 23″  Bluefish were missing in action and Weakfish (sea trout ) were a thing of the past .I tried for weakfish numerous times from April to end of July with no success                                                                    I have to admit I really didn’t fish hard for Fluke as the bass kept me excited ,one bass on a popper was better than 10 fluke of any size in my mind so most mornings I settled in on bass.My day usually started an hour before daybreak and I was usually done by 10 am   So far 2011 has been an interesting year but also very frustrating,normal fish patterns of the past 3 years were not being followed .In addition there was a clear lack of bait to be found .Grass Shrimp were thick but swimming bait like rainfish,bunker that you normally see early in the year was lacking. When looking at past 5 years worth of data 2011 so far is well below par

Balance of the year will follow in a couple of days