DEC 14,2011 interesting Striped Bass returns

I was notified today of 2 interesting re-caught striped bass that I tagged in same exact location  ( exact  location will remain my secret) that were re-caught one day apart in opposite directions  and long way from original capture . #1   Bass was tagged 6/06 behind Strathmere NJ  26″  ,bass was re-caught 11/18/11  in Delaware Bay at Miah Maull light house NJ  and was 36″  #2 was tagged    10/14/08 behind Strathmere and 24″ ,re-caught 11/19/11 at Fire Island Inlet,NY and was 31″  Interesting to note the fish were re-caught one day apart but in opposite directions of original tagging..I now have over 370 re-caught tagged striped bass and some interesting stories with them but this is the latest. My total of re-caught tags now stands at 1130 . I will pass on some of the more interesting ones as we get into the winter months