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DEC 31,2011

BUCKTAIL WILLIE  wants to wish everyone all the best in 2012 and the happiest of New Years

Here is hoping 2012 brings many tight lines with outstanding catches all year long

Throughout the winter I will try to pass on some interesting information dealing with local fishing and interesting re-captures 0f my tagged fish AND before the season opens there will be a 2012 forecast


Dec 27,2011

I’m a little slow but have now figure out why the Democrats are pushing all the GREEN Nonsense

GREEN is the dollar bills lining their pockets and has nothing to do with a clean environment

DEC 26,2011 – Fluke Fisherman Read

IT is not too early to begin thinking about Fluke.  Big Fluke will arrive early April ,first full moon usually . Of course Fluke will not be legal as season will not be open BUT big Fluke will be here. Last year bigger fluke arrived later but 8 of last 9 years I’ve found 5lb and larger fluke all through April. Best year was 2009 when I caught ,tagged and released 4 fluke at 10 plus pounds. One of the 4 was re captured early July on it’s way out of barrier islands.  Why think this early ,#1 reason is to stock up on some bunker before it is too late and salt it down. Bunker and mackeral strips on bucktails worked very slow do the trick.  Sunny days with outgoing tide fishing the channel edges will get you some big fluke Forget Gulp and things like it that you will use later in year as these fish want something they can taste.

DON”T jerk rod on first bite allow the fluke to get bait in it’s mouth as early in year they won’t be attacking but mouthing the bait.  Once water temps get over 59 you can start using gulp and the like BUT early April it is bait strips that work.  The fluke that arrive early are the ones who left barrier islands early summer for their trip off shore to do their thing to produce more Fluke .They arrive hungry and are here to fatten up before a return trip to the spawning grounds WELL off shore.  Handle the caught fluke with extreme care ,gently put them back in the water and they will survive. USE bucktails with large hooks to prevent swallowed hooks.  Another positive about April is very little boat traffic SO, make sure over the winter your gear is ready to go on first sunny days of April.


DEC 23 2011


Do hope Santa is good to everyone and there are lots of tight lines in 2012

Over the winter months I will be posting some interesting re-captures of my tagged fish  by species that you may find interesting and whatever info I can get on upcoming regulations. Also I will put out my forecast  for Upper Cape May County for 2012 before the fish start biting

IF you are a NJ resident you will need to re-register for the Free Registry in 2012  and you can do it by searching NJ Saltwater Free Registry or NJ Fish and Game. There you can find the form along with questions and answer you may have


DEC 19,2011 FINAL RECAP OF 2011

2011 recap Aug -Nov—–August cane in warm with  little wind ,Fluke bite was consistent but small, ( 14.09″ av)  A few legal size fish but ratio was high at 21-1 There was a Bass bite early morning,hour before sunrise,fish were not big avaeraging 23″ BUT they were angry and aggressively smacked surface poppers,once sun broke horizon Bass bite was done.A few Bluefish but nothing exciting IRENE showed up end of the month and screwed everything up. Forced evacuation had me leaving home for 3 days.Once home really no evidence of a Hurricane ,just some strong wind. HOWEVER she really screwed up the ocean and ocean water remained dirty for over 3 weeks well into Sept.

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DEC 17,2011 interesting Bluefish return

I was notified today of an interesting Bluefish returned tag. I tagged this bluefish on 9/22/11 in Ludlam Bay and it was re-caught in surf off Mrytle Beach,SC  on 11/15/11 .Bluefish  was only 14″ .This is the furtheast south I have had a return on a Bluefish. Several off NC but none from SC but not sure it screws up the theory that there are 2 separate stocks of Bluefish,one that travels Maine to NC and another that travels SC to Florida and around the keys. Mrytle Beach is probably to close to NC border to affect the theory. It does add another State to my return list of Bluefish now covering MA-SC and all states in-between


DEC 15,2011 YEAR RECAP FOR 2011

I will do this recap in 2 sections #1- will cover April through July, #2 to follow at a later date Aug-Nov

 I launched on April 15th but weather kept me from fishing until 4/18 .First trip I found fluke BUT not the size I normally see in April , Fluke ranged from 15-19 1/2 and month ended with a 15.7 ”  little over 1.5″ lower  than previous 3 Aprils.. Few bluefish in 15-19″ but no bass

MAY Fluke season opened early this year but once again early May the fish were undersize .Plenty avalable with daily catches between 8-12 . season opened and size got better with fluke up to 24″ but still majority were under 18″. A total of 145 fluke were caught with total of 24 legal size fluke.  Monthly average was still low at  15.23″    or 1.95″ smaller than past 3 year average                                                                                         Few bass started showing up late in the month with first one caught on 5/21 .this was after trying everyday in May.Bass size was decent 25-30″

June ,Fluke in June were numerous but still lacked decent size ,I got 117 in June but did manage to get 8  legal up to 23″ ,Av for the month was again down from previous 3 years at  14.60″     BASS fishing really improved and the bite was steady the entire month.Total of 47 bass were caught  up to 35″ with an monthly average of 22.17″.Bass were found in some new places and usually was an early morning bite with no regard to tide .Actually I caught bass in an area on low tide that I never caught bass before on  low tide and this area kept producing all month and we maanged to keep it quiet with only 2 of us fishing the area .Few Bluefish showed up early in the month but not in normal numbers .June was a good month overall and I probably missed out on some decent fluke due to the Bass bite. Catching bass on poppers will keep me from fluke fishing every time

July– Bass bite continued into July but size was down but still managed to find a few  over the legal limit of  28″ up to 30″ . Bite was somwhat of a hit and miss ,some days they were there and others even after 400 cast  no fish .But catching bass in July in this area is still a good thing.       When bass bite slowed I would switch to fluke and they were plentiful the entire month but still undersize ,89 fluke were caught with av size of 14.71″ and a total of 7 legal fluke up to 23″  Bluefish were missing in action and Weakfish (sea trout ) were a thing of the past .I tried for weakfish numerous times from April to end of July with no success                                                                    I have to admit I really didn’t fish hard for Fluke as the bass kept me excited ,one bass on a popper was better than 10 fluke of any size in my mind so most mornings I settled in on bass.My day usually started an hour before daybreak and I was usually done by 10 am   So far 2011 has been an interesting year but also very frustrating,normal fish patterns of the past 3 years were not being followed .In addition there was a clear lack of bait to be found .Grass Shrimp were thick but swimming bait like rainfish,bunker that you normally see early in the year was lacking. When looking at past 5 years worth of data 2011 so far is well below par

Balance of the year will follow in a couple of days


DEC 14,2011 interesting Striped Bass returns

I was notified today of 2 interesting re-caught striped bass that I tagged in same exact location  ( exact  location will remain my secret) that were re-caught one day apart in opposite directions  and long way from original capture . #1   Bass was tagged 6/06 behind Strathmere NJ  26″  ,bass was re-caught 11/18/11  in Delaware Bay at Miah Maull light house NJ  and was 36″  #2 was tagged    10/14/08 behind Strathmere and 24″ ,re-caught 11/19/11 at Fire Island Inlet,NY and was 31″  Interesting to note the fish were re-caught one day apart but in opposite directions of original tagging..I now have over 370 re-caught tagged striped bass and some interesting stories with them but this is the latest. My total of re-caught tags now stands at 1130 . I will pass on some of the more interesting ones as we get into the winter months

DEC 9,2011 if you fish you may find this interesting

Recrecrational Fisherman are dealing with unrealistic regulations that have been put in place with flawed data.NOW we have WALMART Corp, donating $36 mil to organizations set on shutting down all fishing .  Walmart gave the money to 2  large organizations currently influencing the people at NOAA. Ocean Conservancy and Environmental Defense Fund both have come out publicly for tighter restrictions using the flawed data, want Marine sanctuaries with no data to support  and filling the ocean with No Fishing Zones.Unless we as recreational fisherman can turn this around our kids and grand kids will not enjoy the fishing we have.Once they get control of the saltwater fishing they will head to our freshwater. Walmart has donated NOTHING to organizations dedicated towards improving the data. As recreational fishermen ,none us want to wipe out a species and respect regulations that come about with good data and not the flawed data currently being used and supported by Environmental activist. Congress 4 years ago demanded that NOAA get better data and as of today they continue to use the same flawed data.These environmental organizations use the term OVERFISHING to gain backers. OVERFISHING is the term used by NOAA when there is an indication the catch will be higher than the flawed data allows and has NOTHING to do with actually overfishing of a species . IF and WHEN Walmart donates to those organizations dedicated mto improving the data than “maybe” I’ll shop there but so far no evidence of that.

Support your local Tackle Shop

  I don’t and have never shopped WalMart for several reasons but if you do and you fish you may want to think twice when you see your dollars going to these Activist environmental organizations trying to shut down all fishing .

Merry Christmas


Dec 7,2011 Last thing to do in 2011

One final thing to do before putting all your fishing gear away for the winter to assure you will be ready in the Spring

Knives,Pliers, Hook Degorgers etc need to be clean before putting away. Take each item and rinse in the 50/50 solution of Salt Away and fresh water. Now take some steel wool and remove any signs of rust ,tougher area may require wire brush but get it all off. Make sure you get into the tough areas. Now wipe clean,apply a little water proof grease to the mating areas than spray the entire item with WD40. Knives ,once all rust and any other odd stains are removed take the time to sharpen the blade,than coat the blade with a thin coat of oil and out away

  There is one other itme in my tackle box that will need some attention and you may have one also. It is one of those 2 blade knife sharpers which I use each time before cleaning a fish. This gathers a lot of junk plus rust. I will take the thing apart releasing the 2 blades and thoroughly cleaning  the 2 blades and the holding area they sit in. Put back together and put away

 IF you followed all the previous instructions you will  be able to head right out once you hear the Fish are biting in the Spring and your gear will be ready for the big one    GOOD LUCK  leave some for breeders