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This morning was a little ugly and forecasted to get uglier. We left dock little earlier around 6:15am hoping to take advantage of more outgoing tide which is when we have been getting them all week. Today, didn’t happen ,nothing on outgoing in any of the spots we had them past 3 days. Tide started in and wind coming up but we found a fish ,than another and than couple more. Steve and me are now tied for the week,than I get a fish ,than nothing ,so tie is broken and we start home as wind is messy. We make a stop on way in and I go 2 up for week ,than Steve gets one but that is the end ,several passes over same spot and nothing and we head for home with total of 7 .Nothing legal but all angry fish giving a good account of themshelves .

 Tommorrow looks to be bad,forecast is 25-30 winds with higher gust BUT they have been wrong before so we will get up and look at it


Another pretty nice morning with light winds ,Steve was on board and we headed where we had them past 2 days and we found 6 by 9am than nothing. Tide started in and my screen looked like the Dead Sea . After screwing around for another hour we headed back in and Steve found a lonely little bass for #7 and that was it for the day

  Hopefully with an extra hour of outgoing we will be able to get some fishing in but forecast is for winds to build. I’m betting that won’t happen until tide starts in so we will try it at first light


A lovely  morning ,light winds but a little nippy but no ice. Steve was on board again this morning and we left dock at 7:30am, we found bass right away and had 9 bass by 9am . Last hour of outgoing and first hour of incoming but after 9am NOTHING, water got very dirty . Have no idea where these fish went but maybe tomorrow we will get a longer bite with 2 hours of outgoing

  Wind changed from NE to SE which should help clean up the water a little.Tomorrow looks good with light winds and slightly warmer


NOV 1,2011

This morning wasn’t as cold as yesterday but a helleva lot more windy and forecast was for it to get worse   at 20-25. Steve Sylvester was on  and out we went,first stop we found bass and I landed 8 in a row ,than we made a move and Steve landed 5 in a row for total of 13 which included 3 doubleheaders

Fish were all shorts but they were angry. Wind coming up strong making fishing difficult and after a few more trys in different areas with nothing and wind pushing 25 we called it a morning.

 Tomorrow looks better for wind so hopefully we will find them again