NOV 9,2011

IT MIGHT BE ALL OVER FOR 2011 ,, Left dock this morning in a fog but very optimisitic given the tide. We couldn’t get where I wanted to go so came back to spots from previous day but engine was sounding funny. Decided to go up a creek and look around and engine quit ,than wouldn’t start. Pulled to bank and I took a look at a few things and found nothing wrong.Tried to start and it would  not go BUT than it stopped turning over and was froze up . NOT a pretty scene. Luckily .MOON was close by and he agreed to tow me back to dock. Went home,picked up trailer brought her home,cleaned her up. Paint Tom put on the bottom held up best I’ve ever had. Hooked her back up and headed to hospital,waiting room was full but doctor is expected to give preliminary later today or tomorrow. Could be as simple as a broken part under flywheel OR could be much more serious. In any event it will be a miracle if  she gets back in water this year,but I do need a little luck ,can only hope