NOV 8,2011

Today was a perfect morning ,tide was right, no wind,little warmer and I was sure we were going to get into them ,WRONG AGAIN. 3 hours of looking we had no fish. Decided to take a ride north but still nothing .than decided to go further north and back to the 34th st bridge where we had them yesterday ,still no fish. This was beginning to piss me off.We started back and I began “thinkg out of the box” as we came up on a small creek that I occasionally found bass in it’s mouth we went in but nothing. Got back as far as I’ve ever been and about to turn around when fish showed up on my screen. Well ,we maanged to land 4 bass in that little creek before needing to get out due to dropping tide . We made another stop and picked up #5 . Tried several more spots with nothing and decided to head home. We got into Whale cr and saw nothing on screen but gave it a try anyway and even without seeing anything on screen we managed to pull 4 bass out of one spot. So day was not a total waste and my disposition improved. The bass are really acting strange and for sure currently not in their normal places at normal times

  Looks like we may get one more good day on the water tomorrow , thank you Al Gore as it is Nov 8th and it hit 71 today