NOV 7,2011

We (Steve) headed out this morning in a cold dense fog but when fog lifted it was a beautifull November  morning with dead calm winds BUT we couldn’t find fish. We went north than back south and by 9am only had 3 bass . I reached into my bag of tricks and decided to run hard north to 34th st bridge.We made a couple of passes and nothing but decided to make one more pass ,good move as we than caught 5 in 15 minutes than nothing. We started working out way back and found 2 more in another spot than nothing .Tide stating in and we kept working out way home with couple of stops where we found a couple more ,one more stop and another couple for a total of 14 bass for the day. These fish were not big but gave a good account of themshelves . After a tough start day turned out OK

 Tomorrow looks like a duplication of today so guess we will start out in the fog