2011 Fishing season is running out and it is time to put away gear. I have some helpful suggestions that will save you some time in the Spring when fishing starts again

#1—take care of your reels,don’t just put them away. first look at roller guide and make sure it still rolls,if it does loosen the screws and insert some oil on each side.If it does not roll than take apart and clean being careful to make sure you keep asembly in order. If saltwater has froze everything up, place an order for new roller guide assy now instead of waiting for Spring. NEXT on spinning reels I will take off the side plate and remove all the old grease ,clean thoroughly and replace with a good reel grease. Now look at bail for any obvious damage and make sure it works properly,if working properly loosen the screws on each side and insert some oil ,if it is slow to react than pull completely apart and clean thoroughly and oil.  Now look at spool and drag washers , I would remove drag washers ,clean and lightly oil ,if drag washers look worn order replacements now . Next I would look at line on spool,If mono I would remove and disgard and replace with new in the Spring. If it is braid ,you can usually get 2 years out of quality braid otherwise you can try reversing the line,line at bottom of spool should be like new Once all of this is done I would wipe reel down with a Salt Away spray and than rinse with fresh water. Let everything air dry and put away where the reel can’t gather dust and you should be ready to go in Spring. I would follow a similar path for conventional reels especially paying attention to replacing grease

Fishing rods will require little less work but a little care will prevent problems in Spring. First I will wipe the rod down with a Salt Away spray,next I will inspect each guide for any cracks paying particular attention to the tip guide.I like to use a cotton tip stick and pass through each guide IF cotton gets hung up the guide needs to be replace and best time to do that is over the winter.. Look at reel seat for salt build up on threads and make sure it is all clean. Finally wipe down rod with fresh water thoroughly and let dry. Another option I like to do is put a light coat of wax on my rods before putting them away

If you take the time to do this now before putting away for winter you will be ready to go as soon as fish begin the bite in Spring. You will also find your equipment lasting much longer making the the time spent doing this very worthwhile given the cost of replacing

Another day we will look at care for your lures