NOV 15,2011

If it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck. Boat still in dry dock waiting to hear from Lower unit re-manufacturer as to the problem. They should have received it Monday . BUT today Steve (smellingfishy) offerd me a ride to look for bass South of Townsends. We left dock around 6am and couldn’t find a fish. Started to make a move and I heard a sound similar to one I heard on my engine just before it took a crap .My first thought was “can’t be” but than engine quit just like mine and  froze just like mine ,UNBELIEVABLE . We had to get Sea Tow to tow us in ruining  what could have been a good morning as wind was laying down nicely and best tide was ahead of us       November is NOT a good month.

  This afternoon on bottom of tide I went over to inlet and walk a sodbank and managed to find a lonely bass but it could be the last one of the year

I think when I re-cap 2011 I’m gone to find this has not been one of my better years. Rain coming tonight ,wind and rain tomorrow,wind and much colder on Thursday  not a pretty picture