NOV 10,2011

Well, boat is in dry dock but I can’t sleep past 4:30am I got up drank 2 cups of coffee and decided to hit the sodbanks. real high tide and dense fog and made a few stops between North Wildwood and Corsons and managed one small hungry bass and ended up at my marina to check on my Spots. Talked to Tom and he offerd his boat,given boat was in my marina I decided to take him up on offer but stayed in Whale creek as Fog was still dense at 1oam. I managed to find 2 bass including one almost legal at 27 5/8″ .

 Tom’s boat went back into my slip but tomorrow looks real windy and not sure  when wind will stop blowing . Given the situation thanks to Tom I caught a couple. I also had an offer from Ted which was real nice but I didn’t feel comfortable as I’ve never been on his boat but offer was much appreciated.Thanks TED.