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GOT word today the boat is ready to go. Lower unit remanufacturer sent a complete new re-manufactured Lower Unit . They reported   a seal broke down and lower unit filled with water. They could not get the lower unit apart which is why they just went ahead and replaced it .It was under warranty

 I decided after looking at weather  forecast to just go ahead and have her  winterized  and I will pick her up in morning and bring her home wrap up 2011. Not the best of years but I will provide a 2011 recap before year ends .


2011 Fishing season is running out and it is time to put away gear. I have some helpful suggestions that will save you some time in the Spring when fishing starts again

#1—take care of your reels,don’t just put them away. first look at roller guide and make sure it still rolls,if it does loosen the screws and insert some oil on each side.If it does not roll than take apart and clean being careful to make sure you keep asembly in order. If saltwater has froze everything up, place an order for new roller guide assy now instead of waiting for Spring. NEXT on spinning reels I will take off the side plate and remove all the old grease ,clean thoroughly and replace with a good reel grease. Now look at bail for any obvious damage and make sure it works properly,if working properly loosen the screws on each side and insert some oil ,if it is slow to react than pull completely apart and clean thoroughly and oil.  Now look at spool and drag washers , I would remove drag washers ,clean and lightly oil ,if drag washers look worn order replacements now . Next I would look at line on spool,If mono I would remove and disgard and replace with new in the Spring. If it is braid ,you can usually get 2 years out of quality braid otherwise you can try reversing the line,line at bottom of spool should be like new Once all of this is done I would wipe reel down with a Salt Away spray and than rinse with fresh water. Let everything air dry and put away where the reel can’t gather dust and you should be ready to go in Spring. I would follow a similar path for conventional reels especially paying attention to replacing grease

Fishing rods will require little less work but a little care will prevent problems in Spring. First I will wipe the rod down with a Salt Away spray,next I will inspect each guide for any cracks paying particular attention to the tip guide.I like to use a cotton tip stick and pass through each guide IF cotton gets hung up the guide needs to be replace and best time to do that is over the winter.. Look at reel seat for salt build up on threads and make sure it is all clean. Finally wipe down rod with fresh water thoroughly and let dry. Another option I like to do is put a light coat of wax on my rods before putting them away

If you take the time to do this now before putting away for winter you will be ready to go as soon as fish begin the bite in Spring. You will also find your equipment lasting much longer making the the time spent doing this very worthwhile given the cost of replacing

Another day we will look at care for your lures

NOV 15,2011

If it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck. Boat still in dry dock waiting to hear from Lower unit re-manufacturer as to the problem. They should have received it Monday . BUT today Steve (smellingfishy) offerd me a ride to look for bass South of Townsends. We left dock around 6am and couldn’t find a fish. Started to make a move and I heard a sound similar to one I heard on my engine just before it took a crap .My first thought was “can’t be” but than engine quit just like mine and  froze just like mine ,UNBELIEVABLE . We had to get Sea Tow to tow us in ruining  what could have been a good morning as wind was laying down nicely and best tide was ahead of us       November is NOT a good month.

  This afternoon on bottom of tide I went over to inlet and walk a sodbank and managed to find a lonely bass but it could be the last one of the year

I think when I re-cap 2011 I’m gone to find this has not been one of my better years. Rain coming tonight ,wind and rain tomorrow,wind and much colder on Thursday  not a pretty picture

NOV 13,2011

Ted offered me a ride this morning which was appreciated.We left dock around 6am. Weather forecast had changed from a wind of 5-15mph to 15-20 mph and it was blowing around 15 when we left.We hit every spot we knew of except the banks of the Ludlam and Corsons all the way up to 34th st. We missed the bay and sound because of the wind. However no bass anywhere. We started back from 34th st and hit several spots with nothing. Wind picking up and tide slowing down. Water is filty and in some areas looks like chocolate milk. Finally as tide was almost stopped I must have hit a bass on the hit and made it angry and it attacked my bucktail and I landed a 22″ bass.Wind coming harder and pushing 25 at times but no more fish so we headed home with just one fish.The disppointing thing is we didn’t see much in way of bait or fish. I have never liked a SW wind in the Fall, usually brings warmer weather but seems to push fish out

 TED, thanks again



NOV 10,2011

Well, boat is in dry dock but I can’t sleep past 4:30am I got up drank 2 cups of coffee and decided to hit the sodbanks. real high tide and dense fog and made a few stops between North Wildwood and Corsons and managed one small hungry bass and ended up at my marina to check on my Spots. Talked to Tom and he offerd his boat,given boat was in my marina I decided to take him up on offer but stayed in Whale creek as Fog was still dense at 1oam. I managed to find 2 bass including one almost legal at 27 5/8″ .

 Tom’s boat went back into my slip but tomorrow looks real windy and not sure  when wind will stop blowing . Given the situation thanks to Tom I caught a couple. I also had an offer from Ted which was real nice but I didn’t feel comfortable as I’ve never been on his boat but offer was much appreciated.Thanks TED.

NOv 9 2011 UPDATE

Got a call from doctor may be a little good news as far as cost is concerned  with engine  as problem is in the lower unit which was replaced this year with 36 month warranty, Bad news is I may not get a replacement for 1-2 weeks

NOV 9,2011

IT MIGHT BE ALL OVER FOR 2011 ,, Left dock this morning in a fog but very optimisitic given the tide. We couldn’t get where I wanted to go so came back to spots from previous day but engine was sounding funny. Decided to go up a creek and look around and engine quit ,than wouldn’t start. Pulled to bank and I took a look at a few things and found nothing wrong.Tried to start and it would  not go BUT than it stopped turning over and was froze up . NOT a pretty scene. Luckily .MOON was close by and he agreed to tow me back to dock. Went home,picked up trailer brought her home,cleaned her up. Paint Tom put on the bottom held up best I’ve ever had. Hooked her back up and headed to hospital,waiting room was full but doctor is expected to give preliminary later today or tomorrow. Could be as simple as a broken part under flywheel OR could be much more serious. In any event it will be a miracle if  she gets back in water this year,but I do need a little luck ,can only hope


NOV 8,2011

Today was a perfect morning ,tide was right, no wind,little warmer and I was sure we were going to get into them ,WRONG AGAIN. 3 hours of looking we had no fish. Decided to take a ride north but still nothing .than decided to go further north and back to the 34th st bridge where we had them yesterday ,still no fish. This was beginning to piss me off.We started back and I began “thinkg out of the box” as we came up on a small creek that I occasionally found bass in it’s mouth we went in but nothing. Got back as far as I’ve ever been and about to turn around when fish showed up on my screen. Well ,we maanged to land 4 bass in that little creek before needing to get out due to dropping tide . We made another stop and picked up #5 . Tried several more spots with nothing and decided to head home. We got into Whale cr and saw nothing on screen but gave it a try anyway and even without seeing anything on screen we managed to pull 4 bass out of one spot. So day was not a total waste and my disposition improved. The bass are really acting strange and for sure currently not in their normal places at normal times

  Looks like we may get one more good day on the water tomorrow , thank you Al Gore as it is Nov 8th and it hit 71 today


NOV 7,2011

We (Steve) headed out this morning in a cold dense fog but when fog lifted it was a beautifull November  morning with dead calm winds BUT we couldn’t find fish. We went north than back south and by 9am only had 3 bass . I reached into my bag of tricks and decided to run hard north to 34th st bridge.We made a couple of passes and nothing but decided to make one more pass ,good move as we than caught 5 in 15 minutes than nothing. We started working out way back and found 2 more in another spot than nothing .Tide stating in and we kept working out way home with couple of stops where we found a couple more ,one more stop and another couple for a total of 14 bass for the day. These fish were not big but gave a good account of themshelves . After a tough start day turned out OK

 Tomorrow looks like a duplication of today so guess we will start out in the fog

NOV 6,2011

It was a cold morning,no ice ,but air temp was 36 at dock ,light winds . After the hard blow of yesterday I wasn’t all that optimisitc and figured the water would be dirty. To my surprise the water was fairly clean and I headed to my spots. I was not marking much of anything but managed to land 4 bass of 24,24,25,20″  in 4 different spots .Tide is slowing down and I can’t find a bass so decided to head home,made a stop in my creek but there were 2 other bosts there with nothing ,after a short shot I headed to dock and called it a morning

 Weather looks little better tommorrow morning ,even a little warm up